Pain in the neck and back are one of the most common complaints when a new patient comes into our office. There are a few different causes of neck and back pain. At Fit Life Chiropractic we’ll help diagnose the cause of the issue and adjust you to eradicate the symptom of pain that you’re feeling.


Cervical manipulation


Cervical manipulation is an adjustment made to your neck to loosen up the joints of the cervical vertebrae. This helps reduce pain as it relieves pinched nerves and muscles that have tightened to make up for the misplacement of the vertebrae. Often, even after just one adjustment to your neck, you can begin to feel significantly better. We recommend regular chiropractic visits to make sure that any persistent problems stay away, and to help prevent future injuries and pain.


Spinal manipulation


Living with back pain is incredibly difficult; without proper function in your back, it’s hard to get anything done efficiently. Having back pain, whether it’s from an auto accident or just from bending over a lot, makes living your life painful. You shouldn’t have to live with that pain! Via spinal manipulation, we can offer some relief to the pressured vertebrae in your spine. The spine is often called the powerhouse, meaning that many of the nerves that travel to other areas of your body are connected to the spine. By getting a spinal adjustment, you’ll relieve the pressure on any nerves that are pinched or pushed out of place due to a subluxation of the bones in your back.


Fixing alignment


Even if you don’t have any occupational hazards causing back or neck pain, daily life is likely to cause misalignment in your neck or spine. A chiropractic adjustment to either your neck or back will help realign the vertebrae and correct the motion and function of your joints.